Verizon Users: 162 Billion SMS, 4 Billion MMS In Q4, $16B In Mobile Data Revenue

Verizon Users - 162 Billion SMS, 4 Billion MMS In Q4, 16B In Mobile Data RevenueVerizon Wireless recently released its Q4 2009 revenue, boasting impressive mobile data and SMS/MMS usage numbers as well.  The company reported full-year mobile data revenues of $16 billion, up 31% over 2008, and representing 31.9% of Verizon’s total Q4 2009 revenue- a 26.5% increase over Q4 2008.

Even more impressive is the amount of SMS/MMS messages flowing through Verizon’s network.  During the fourth quarter alone, Verizon Wireless subscribers sent or received more than 162 billion text messages, more than 4 billion picture/video messages and more than 38 million music and video downloads.

Verizon has arguably worked the hardest on strengthening its mobile data services in preparations for the massive growth coming down the pipeline, and the numbers the company is posting is evidence of that.  Mobile data consumption accounted for over a third of Verizon’s total revenue in Q4, proving that a shift in the way mobile networks are utilized is happening quicker than anticipated.  Long past are the days were wireless carriers only have to worry about providing the best voice coverage- mobile data is the area were competition will thrive between carriers.