Verizon to Carry Apple’s iPad

It proved to be a startling announcement to both die-hard Apple and Verizon fans.

Beginning October 28th, Verizon will join AT&T in selling the iPad.

Verizon, however, is selling the iPad with a twist – that is, Verizon is “bundling” iPads with its MiFi mobile 3G hotspot device, which allows upwards of five computers, mobile gadgets, or other internet-capable devices to wirelessly connect to Verizon’s 3G network.

For prospective Verizon iPad customers, the cost breakdown looks something like this:

* iPad 16 GB + MiFi=$629

* iPad 32 GB + MiFi=$729

* iPad 64 GB + MiFi=$829

Interestingly enough, Apple also revealed that AT&T will begin selling 3G iPads on October 28th in AT&T stores as well.

At this time, there are no confirmations that a Verizon-Apple partnership will develop into Verizon ultimately carrying the iPhone, Apple’s hugely popular smartphone that is presently carried in the US exclusively through AT&T.

But Thursday’s announcement from Apple and Verizon appears to be a step in the right direction for Verizon fans eager for the iPhone to expand into new territory.