Verizon Partners with VideoSurf for New Video Discovery Mobile App

Verizon Wireless has announced a new partnership with VideoSurf, a leading video discovery company.

Today, the dynamic duo raised the curtain on a new smartphone application that lets customers discover, search and identify video available on any device by doing a visual and audio search using a smartphone, or by typing a query directly into the app.

So sophisticated is the app that users can search and discover across a wide variety of content, including TV episodes, movies, music videos and video clips.

“VideoSurf offers a new and different way to experience video on your phone. Not only does it show off the power of our leading wireless network and wide range of devices, it gives customers the ability to share and enjoy video with their friends,” said Ed Ruth, director of business development and strategic partnerships at Verizon Wireless. “Working with VideoSurf shows how powerful it can be to bring network, distribution and innovative ideas together.

So how does the new app work? According to Verizon, VideoSurf’s mobile app allows customers to discover videos by pointing their phones at a television or computer screen to capture a few seconds of what they are watching.

Using patented computer vision technology, VideoSurf will quickly identify the episode and celebrities, provide more information about what was identified and suggest other videos to watch. Customers can let their friends know what they are watching and help them discover new videos or other content by posting directly to Facebook and Twitter.

“Mobile represents a new era for video consumption and we look forward to providing users with the best way to discover videos and content on their smartphones,” said Lior Delgo, CEO and co-founder of VideoSurf. “We are proud to be working with Verizon as it gives us a tremendous opportunity to reach millions with our new video discovery app.”