Verizon Lifts Veil on New Smartphone Program

Verizon Lifts Veil on New Smartphone ProgramCorroborating a recent tip from the rumor mill, Verizon has just launched its new smartphone upgrade program called Verizon Edge.

In short, the largest U.S. carrier’s new plan shortens the period customers have to wait between device upgrades.

Verizon Edge also enables a no-contract payment plan that divides a smartphone’s initial cost into monthly installments. However, the arrangement still lets customers upgrade to a newer model after just one year.
Although Verizon is promoting the new program as something completely fresh and innovative for the carrier, it’s nothing new to the industry. AT&T and T-Mobile, for example, already offer consumers incentives similar to those found in the Verizon Edge program.

Sprint is now left as the only top U.S. carrier that is yet to introduce an early upgrade program.