Verizon Launches “NAVBuilder Inside” To Help Incorporate Location, Maps and Navigation Into Apps

Verizon Wireless continues to expand the capabilities it provides to mobile app developers with the launch of “NAVBuilder Inside,” an SDK designed to help incorporate location, maps and navigation into mobile apps.

Yesterday, we covered big red’s debut of 20 location, network and messaging APIs to help developers access Verizon’s infrastructure, and NAVBuilder Inside builds on that momentum by allowing developers a simple way to add interactive location, mapping, and other location-based services (LBS) to their applications across multiple operating systems.

The NAVBuilder SDK allows for cross-platform development for Android, BlackBerry, Brew and Windows Mobile operating systems.  Developers can use the SDK to create or enhance applications to take advantage of in-demand LBS features, including directions, finders, alerts and geo-tagging.  The SDK itself consists of two parts:

  • MapKit: This provides an interface for embedding maps (Regular, Satellite and Hybrid), local search, and directions directly into applications, so users don’t have to leave the application to experience the functionality; and
  • LocationKit: Which enables fast location positioning for applications using standalone GPS, Cell ID or Wi-Fi.  LocationKit also enables Cell ID location positioning on non-Wi-Fi capable devices, such as Brew-enabled feature phones.

“LBS features, such as location, maps and directions, are the hottest features in application development, especially when they can be embedded directly into an application so Verizon Wireless device users don’t have to leave an app to take advantage of the capability,” said Kristi Crum, director of consumer products, Verizon Wireless.  “With NAVBuilder Inside, we’ve made it simple for developers to use uniform APIs to quickly add the most-wanted features to their applications on many different operating systems and get them to market quickly.”

Along with its announcement yesterday, Verizon continues to surprise me with the tools they’re allowing developers to access, especially in regards to location.  This particular SDK lets developers infuse their apps with geocoding and reverse-geocoding, map overlays and local search, for example.  In addition, the APIs even offer the capability to provide 3-D voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation through VZ Navigator.  It’s refreshing to see a carrier get serious about mobile apps.