Verizon Gives Android a Mobile Security Boost

Verizon today gave smartphone users a stark reminder that their smartphones are susceptible to some of the same security and privacy threats that plague laptops and desktops.

According to the “McAfee Threats Report: Second Quarter 2012,” approximately 13,000 distinct pieces of mobile malware have been discovered so far in 2012 – a significant year-over-year increase as less than 2,000 distinct pieces were found in 2011.

For that reason, the carrier says, Verizon Wireless wants to continue making “great strides” to protect the security of its customers and its network using sophisticated network intrusion and data analysis tools.

On Tuesday, Verizon expanded its security protection products with the introduction of Verizon Mobile Security, an application that helps customers secure and protect Android smartphones against digital and physical threats.

Verizon Mobile Security helps customers protect their devices from digital threats and equips customers with the power to remotely locate, alarm, lock and even wipe data from a misplaced or lost device. Verizon Mobile Security, available on Android smartphones running Android 2.1 or higher, combines the security capabilities of Asurion and McAfee.

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