Verizon Confirms ‘Color’ful New Partnership For Live Streaming Effort

This week, Color – the hugely video-broadcasting app for iOS and Android – confirmed an exciting new partnership with Verizon.

In short, the updated app will dramatically improve the quality and delivery of videos it captures.

“Today,” writes founder Bill Nguyen on the Color Blog, “we’re formally unveiling our relationship with Verizon and a small down payment on the future. With their help, we’ve added audio to our LIVE video exclusively on the Verizon network. We’ve doubled the frame rate on our videos so our friends and family can see more moments more clearly. We did all this in less than two months.”

Verizon and Color are going to bring the service to Verizon’s 4G LTE network, although the features will still work for 3G users.

“But the relationship with Verizon represents our entire vision for the future,” he adds. “One day in the near future, you will be able to capture every moment and share it LIVE in beautiful HD quality and you’ll have the recorded video to keep. From that video, you’ll be able to pick out exact frames you want share as photos. We can begin thinking about all those amazing moments we want to keep and share. We can leave behind the complexity of how we’ll do it.”