Verizon and Google Set Sights on Improving Digital Safety with Innovative Android Mobile App

On Monday, Verizon raised the curtain on “Net Safety Tips On The Go,” a mobile app that the wireless carrier is calling the first-ever digital safety and security advice app for Android smartphones.

The app is being released in conjunction with National Internet Safety Month.

Verizon, however, isn’t taking the lone share of credit for the new offering. As it turns out, the app was developed by Google and Verizon. The companies worked with several online safety education organizations to make the app possible.

“Net Safety Tips On The Go” provides critical online privacy, security and youth online safety educational messages to help Verizon Wireless customers protect their privacy, families and finances when using their Android smartphones.

Verizon says the app gives customers a broad range of tips including:

  • Mobile – Tips around mobile teens, mobile privacy and mobile safety, including how constant texting and talking can affect customers sleep, concentration, work and school, among other important life activities.
  • Secure Data/Device – Information on how customers can protect themselves against fraud, phishing, ID theft and general password-protecting suggestions.
  • Sharing Privacy – Advice and tips for social networking privacy, sharing locations and surfing the Web privately like considering requiring a password before anyone can use their computers or wireless devices.
  • Family Safety – Tips for parents and children on social media tactics, cyber bullying, reputation, privacy and unwanted contact. Examples include how to set real expectations when trying to limit the time a child spends on a social network or the importance of explaining that GPS-technology is a service that should only be used with known acquaintances.
  • Smart Android Tips – Besides giving simple “how-to” directions, the app gives tips on protecting data, managing apps and more – even advising customers how to be aware of the interferences mobile devices might have with implantable medical devices.
  • Digital Citizenship – Tips to help customers become an upstanding digital citizen, such as advising customers to never post anything to any site that they would not want to see on the front page of a newspaper.

“Net Safety Tips On The Go” is now available in V CAST Apps.