Verizon and Cellcrypt Partner to Provide Secure Mobile Services to the U.S. Government

U.S. operator Verizon and Cellcrypt, a provider of government-grade encrypted voice-calling software, revealed Monday that the two giants in their respect fields will work together on delivering secure mobile calling capabilities to the U.S. government.

Not surprisingly, given the sensitive nature of the matter not many subsequent details were provided. Regardless, the two companies confirm that they will jointly market Cellcrypt’s mobile voice-encryption solution to military, intelligence and civilian agencies.

The service will help government information technology departments manage the expanding use of mobile devices, address the potential risks associated with the interception of sensitive voice communications, and provide a powerful tool to combat cyberattacks on critical national infrastructure.

As of this writing, a number of services are said to be undergoing trial testing with several government agencies.

“The threats posed by cyberattacks are real and increasingly focused on U.S. national security interests,” said Janet Schijns, vice president of vertical solutions, Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “By leveraging our combined strengths, Verizon and Cellcrypt will provide government agencies with an easy-to-deploy and interoperable mobile voice-encryption solution designed to maintain the security and integrity of sensitive communications.”