Verint Brings Holistic Approach to Social Media Management

social-engagement-billboardVerint Systems Inc. announced Monday enhancements to its Social Engagement solution.

The software, we’re told, supports an integrated multi-departmental approach for managing and enriching customers’ social interactions.

While many organizations have embraced social media as a marketing and promotion channel, customers are increasingly using it to request service as well.

“These latest advancements to Verint Social Engagement are designed to help organizations coordinate and meet disparate social engagement needs and support the end-to-end management of customer care requirements,” the company said in a release.

There are many ways that consumers can engage digitally with organizations when they need help. In fact, a recent study of more than 24,000 consumers across 12 countries – sponsored by Verint in collaboration with Opinium Research — shows that two-thirds of respondents feel customer service online and via mobile devices needs to be faster and more intuitive. They often quickly reach a digital tipping point when they resort to picking up the phone to deal with a request.

We’re told that the latest enhancements to Verint Social Engagement can help bring an end to the frustration, “providing a platform for fast, personal social media interactions that are more than transactions.”

To learn more, check out the company here.