Verifying Video: Nielsen and Adobe Partner to Create Digital Ratings Product

Verifying Video Nielsen and Adobe Partner to Create Digital Ratings ProductWhile marketers are getting better at creating engaging video, measurement of the effects has been slower to rev up.

Now, the television measurement goliath Nielsen has tapped juggernaut digital company Adobe to create a product that more accurately measures online video audiences across the full spectrum of mobile devices.

“Nielsen on Tuesday unveiled the ratings product, which will tie its figures together with Adobe’s deep online analytics, giving marketers a much more detailed picture of how many people are consuming content online,” noted a story on the partnership at CMO Today. “It will be available to media companies and advertisers next year.”

Nielsen ratings, the report reiterates, have for decades been the currency for traditional television advertising deals. But lately, both networks and marketers have wanted the company to delve into more modern — and digital — measurement tools.

Keeping tabs on online television, video, and other digital content, the new product “will act as a corollary to Nielsen’s mobile ratings product.”

“We know there’s an imperative to do cross-platform measurement,” said Lynda Clarizio, president of U.S. media at Nielsen. “We know that’s where consumers are consuming media.”

With industry projections that digital advertising will leapfrog television advertising within four years, Nielsen’s latest offering is coming at a highly opportune time for advertisers.