Verco Solutions Unveils Something New for Mobile Advertising

vercoDeveloping a sound marketing plan for a small business is often one of the biggest – and most expensive – challenges that business owners face.

That’s the admission from Verco Solutions, a company that aims to target the right customers with advertising campaigns.

But no longer is mobile advertising the exclusive province of big businesses.

Verco Solutions just launched their new mobile advertising offering for small businesses.The service is designed to help these companies drive more leads, as well as increase foot traffic to their physical locations.

“Our company started out as a mobile marketing company with a heavy focus on mobile app development,” said Verco Solutions CEO, Charles Muotoh. “Soon after, we quickly discovered that there were opportunities for small businesses to leverage the kind of mobile advertising solutions that many of the big brands have used for years,” he added. “Most big brands have some form of mobile marketing strategy.  It’s high time the little guys start enjoying the benefits of mobile.”

According to a recent study conducted by Mediative Spotlight on Local Mobile Consumer Search Behavior (part two) in August of 2013, nearly 90-percent of study participants admit to searching for local businesses on mobile devices, with over half claiming to use them to search daily. Another study reported nearly 50-percent of consumers make a purchase online after seeing an advertisement on their smartphones or tablets.

“Our in-app and mobile web advertising campaigns are designed specifically for small businesses,” Muotoh says. “We use, what we call, hyperlocal targeting technology to target mobile users within a small, specific radius of the customer’s business location to ensure we are targeting their local clients – not just anyone from any country.”

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