Ventraq To Debut “Customer Behavior” Mobile Analytics

Ventraq will debut a new “Customer Behavior” analytics solution at the Mobile World Congress this week, as well as other new editions to its popular Business Analytics Suite.  

Behavioral data of mobile users is a key ingredient in most mobile marketing campaigns, the problem is, how do you retrieve, organize and analyze a vast amount of incoming data on such a large scale.  Ventraq is aiming to solve this problem with its new Customer Behavior Analytics solution which will soon be integrated with their full-scale Business Analytics Suite.  

Customer Behavior Analytics, or CBA, works by keeping track of customer transactions and interactions with the service provider, advertiser, etc. while noting their choices and actions, cross-referencing demographic, psychographic and other profile data and applying advanced techniques to understand their preferences and anticipate their needs.  The resulting analytical data is then used to provide timely and relevant targeting recommendations, and can be integrated into other campagn-based analytical data.  

With any mobile marketing campaign, there can never be to much analytical data.  Behavioral analytics is something I’ve really never heard of, and I’m curious as to how the data is collected and manipulated.  It should be interesting to see what effects it has on campaigns that actually utilize the data on a large scale- such as an entire wireless carrier.