Velti Touts Mobile Marketing Campaign Success

We at Mobile Marketing Watch love a good mobile marketing success story. And, boy, has Velti served up one for the ages.

In fact, if you listen carefully, you may be able to hear the celebratory shouts likely emanating from within Velti headquarters right now. The leading global provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology is busy reveling in the success of one of its largest promotional mobile marketing campaigns.

According to details made public Friday by Velti, the large-scale mobile marketing campaign conducted in 2011 engaged more than 1.3 million T-Mobile USA subscribers to opt-in and compete in a nationwide trivia contest.

Participants answered 57 million trivia questions over the course of 98 days during the T-Mobile 4G PayDay campaign, Celti says, and received prizes valued at more than $1.1 million in total.

Built on the Velti mGage platform, this play-for-free, opt-in mobile campaign was targeted exclusively to T-Mobile customers, encouraging them to test their knowledge of pop culture, sports, science, history and more. Participating contestants answered an average of 45 questions each and played an average of 19 unique trivia games on their mobile phones.

“The 4G PayDay messaging trivia game helped celebrate our 4G network expansion while providing a fun experience for T-Mobile customers,” said Brad Duea, Senior Vice President of Value Added Services, T-Mobile USA, Inc. “Our collaboration with Velti on the implementation of 4G PayDay enabled us to engage with customers and deliver over a million dollars in prizes.”

Velti says that more than 15,000 trivia questions were created for the contest and the campaign leveraged social media channels to build campaign awareness, reaching more than 350,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Not too shabby, Velti.