Velti Touts 2012’s Biggest Winners and Losers in Mobile

Who are the biggest winners and losers in mobile for 2012?

Everyone seems to have compiled a list as the clock ticks down to the final minutes of 2012 tonight. Velti, however, has published one of the most comprehensive reflections we’ve seen so far. And the insights are worth noting.

According to the much respected global provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology and solutions, 2012 was a momentous year for the industry and some of its biggest players.

“Looking back at 2012, we really see Apple’s power over the mobile landscape,” said Krishna Subramanian, CMO of Velti. “A great example: despite the fact that China Mobile is the biggest carrier in China, it has low overall mobile impressions, without the iPhone, and advertisers in this market just aren’t reaching consumers in the volume they could. This is incredibly valuable insight for marketers and brands. At the end of 2012, iOS devices held a 63 percent share of the market—so we know that Apple holds the key to reaching consumers.”

In a new report hyping this year’s mobile winners and losers, Velti proposed that:

  • Android was a loser—it lost market share in the U.S. and abroad fell dramatically in 2012 from 61 percent to 37 percent
  • AT&T is a winner—In the U.S. AT&T still retains the biggest piece of the consumer pie, double the market share of Verizon
  • Photo sharing apps were winners—usage was up almost 400 percent this year
  • Tied—Samsung and Apple are neck and neck as the tablet of choice this year—but the iPad is quickly creating a gap and Velti expects the iPad to beat out the Galaxy as the tablet of choice in 2013

Do you agree with these assessments? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.