Velti Tapped by Vodafone UK to Grow Mobile Customer Loyalty Program

On Thursday, Velti – the well-known mobile marketing and advertising technology provider – announced a new partnership with Vodafone UK.

The goal of the partnership, according to Velti, is to drive the operator’s next generation of loyalty programs in the UK.

The opportunity is open to all 6 million Vodafone pay-as-you-go customers, Velti says, adding that Vodafone UK is the only operator to currently offer this type of loyalty program in the United Kingdom.

Srini Gopalan, Consumer Director for Vodafone UK, believes that “Vodafone Freebee Rewardz is yet another reason why customers are choosing Vodafone on pay-as-you-go. It’s a unique scheme as we’re giving our customers something more than just discounts and customers can take part with whatever pay-as-you-go phone they have.”

Every time pay-as-you-go customers refill their account balances, they will receive a text giving them a voucher code. If customers want to redeem this voucher, they go online to ‘grab’ an instant reward or bank them as ‘grow’ points in order to save up for something bigger. Vodafone UK and Velti have teamed up with brands such as Thorntons, Blockbuster, Fitness First, and more to provide top prizes.

Velti leveraged its knowledge of consumer behavior to produce a solution that focused on long-term rewards, encouraging customer loyalty. Understanding consumer behavior is essential for building deeper, emotional relationships between operators and customers.

“Customer retention and ARPU stimulation is vital for operators especially in the pre-paid market where competition is increasingly fierce,” says Menelaos Scouloudis, Chief Commercial Officer at Velti. “By understanding who the customers are and the nature of their relationship with Vodafone UK, the operator is able to provide a more personalized and therefore rewarding experience.”