Velti Says New iPad Market Share Could Be Staggering By Year’s End

On Friday, Velti, a well-known provider of mobile marketing and advertising solutions, issued a chart showing the predicted growth for the new iPad.

Not surprisingly, it looks like the third generation iPad tablet is going to do very well for itself for the remainder of 2012.

The latest report from Velti examines how quickly the company expects the new iPad to take over iPad market share from the iPad 2. It also sheds light on what the tablet industry outside of the iPad really looks like.

Among the critical takeaways from the report:

  • iPad 2 claimed over 50% of iOS tablet impressions in a rapid 6 months. It will take longer than that for iPad 3 due to the competitive pricing of iPad 2
  • iPad 3 will experience a large jump in impression volume in the second month after launch, similar to the growth experienced by iPad 2
  • Growth rates will even out in months 3-5 after launch, and will speed up again as we enter the holidays and Q4
  • iPad 1 will continue to get impressions; stopping sales does not mean stopped usage/impressions
  • On the whole, iPad impressions will continue to grow rapidly. iPad has +15x more advertising demand interest than Android tablets

For more info, check out Velti’s freshly published “Year of the Tablet.”