Velti And Bluekai Partnership Promising for Brands

On Friday, Velti and BlueKai announced the start of a promising new mobile data partnership.

Velti, a global provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology, says the partnership enables brands and agencies using BlueKai’s Data Activation System to gain access to Velti’s extensive mobile marketing data.

The result? Brands can now more precisely target consumers on mobile devices.

Through this partnership, BlueKai will license data collected by Velti, on select publisher sites, providing marketers, brands and agencies with the ability to increase campaign reach and targeting while reducing waste on ineffective mobile spend.

“This partnership brings together the world’s leading mobile and online data companies to give marketers a way to identify qualified mobile audiences at scale based on real consumer signals, ” says Cory Treffiletti, BlueKai’s SVP of Marketing. “With this partnership, we are bringing a level of transparent targeting and depth to mobile that marketers have come to expect in online.”

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