Velostrata Rolls Out Global Channel Partner Program

Velostrata, a cloud migration and workload mobility innovator, has announced the launch of its global partner program, designed to “arm its ecosystem of ‘born in the cloud’ partners, system integrators and cloud experts with its award-winning cloud migration software, helping customers accelerate and simplify their journey to the cloud.”

We’re told that Velostrata’s solution changes how customers can approach migration, as well as the speed and scale at which they can migrate to the public cloud.

In the hands of trained and certified solution providers, Velostrata enables customers to move their most complex workloads into the cloud in record time while significantly reducing labor costs.

“Migration of workloads to the public cloud has been hampered by two things – lack of next generation tools to truly automate the process, as well as the lack of expertise and know-how,” said Jan Poczobutt, vice president of sales and partner programs at Velostrata. “By investing in key partners who have expertise in the public cloud, we’re bringing game changing capabilities to the market. The strong initial adoption by market-leading partners is validation of this approach.”

According to the official media release, Velostrata’s partner program is tier-based with no annual fees.

To learn more, check out Velostrata here.