Vaporstream Asks Joint Commission Again to Reverse its Ban on Secure Text Orders

student-849825_960_720Fresh off of the Joint Commission’s most recent ban on secure text orders, Vaporstream — a leading provider of secure, ephemeral and compliant messaging — is calling on the accreditation organization to reconsider its decision.

Nearly one year ago, the Joint Commission, which accredits healthcare organizations, lifted its long-standing ban on physicians and other clinicians from using text messaging to place orders related to patient care.

It quickly reversed this decision and in its most recent update, The Joint Commission maintained its decision to ban the use of secure messaging for patient care orders, claiming its impact remains unclear.

In addition to reversing its ban, Vaporstream is urging The Joint Commission to go a step further and require healthcare organizations to use secure messaging in order to ensure the integrity and security of patient data.

“The healthcare industry is one of the most targeted sectors for cyber-attacks,” said Galina Datskovsky, CEO of Vaporstream. “By prohibiting the use of secure messaging, The Joint Commission leaves hospitals and healthcare organizations vulnerable to sophisticated threats, as the majority of physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals continue to use their smartphones and tablets for work – whether sanctioned or not.”