V12 Group Revamps Launchpad Marketing Cloud

V12 Group Revamps Launchpad Marketing CloudV12 Group, a provider of multi-channel digital marketing technology and data, says its newly designed Launchpad Marketing Cloud is ready to see the light of day.

Here’s what we can tell you.

“The new Launchpad Marketing Cloud features a cleaner and sleeker design, a more engaging user experience with simplified navigation, and significant updates to the Launchpad technology specially geared to help small to mid-sized businesses grow,” the company says in its marketing materials.

With Launchpad Marketing Cloud, users will reportedly have access to all new features and capabilities of the platform in addition to the existing data, applications, and campaign execution tools. All told, this should make it easy for users to create “highly targeted marketing campaigns across all customer touch points including email, display advertising, social media, mobile, and direct mail.”

Current marketing solutions often require a high level of skill and experience before new users can garner results from the technology. To respond to this challenge, Launchpad Marketing Cloud offers an intuitive user interface that allows clients to get up and running in days, as opposed to months like some other marketing platforms.

“Taking advantage of digital marketing is now a vital element for companies striving to increase efficiency and grow revenue,” says Paul Chachko, CEO and Chairman of V12 Group. “We paid painstaking attention to this fact when revamping the user experience of the Launchpad Marketing Cloud. The simple and intuitive interface does a better job of guiding marketers through campaigns seamlessly to help them reach customers and feel secure in their investment.”