USC Rolls Out Tapingo Service for Campus Eateries

USC Rolls Out Tapingo Service for Campus EateriesWith the inextricable fusion between mobile and college life now complete, the recent announcement from Tapingo is a no-brainer.

In the past week, Tapingo – an app that streamlines the everyday shopping experience for on-the-go consumers – announced it has launched its service at the University of Southern California (USC).

Tapingo says it’s the only location-aware shopping app that focuses on immediate order fulfillment for busy consumers in dense retail environments.

At USC, Tapingo will offer mobile shopping at retail brands throughout the campus – including Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Carl’s Junior, Panda Express, California Pizza Kitchen and the Trojan Grounds. Tapingo links USC’s campus card to enable payment directly from meal plans. Students and faculty also have the option to pay with credit card and PayPal.

“Tapingo represents exactly the kind of tech-driven innovation USC seeks to deliver and inspire among its world-class student body,” says Dirk de Jong, associate director of operations for USC Hospitality. “By streamlining the process of ordering and picking up food, students can spend more time working and socializing. In that sense, Tapingo is the perfect complement to USC’s brand and educational experience.”

To date, the company says, restaurants have been the earliest application of the technology and have used Tapingo to boost their takeout and delivery business.