Rolls Out New Mobile Initiative

Both Democrats and Republicans can agree on one aspect of “change” brought by the Obama Administration. The Commander-in-Chief is changing the way the White House and the Federal Government at large use digital media and social networking to connect with Americans.

And, for the most part, few object to the mobile outreach efforts put forward.

On the heels of the patriotic holiday weekend, the website has been re-launched. And it’s more mobile-friendly than ever.

Along for the roll out are eighteen mobile applications (free of course) that are focused on a wide assortment of federal bureaus and government initiatives. For the first time ever, the mobile efforts and offerings from the federal government closely resemble the look and feel of apps and mobile websites common in the private sector.

According to an exclusive interview with CNN, “Across the past couple of decades, the private sector has made great gains in productivity and customer service,” says the White House’s Office of Management and Budget deputy director Jeffrey Zients.

“The Federal Government has largely missed out on these gains as it has failed to harness the power of new technologies. Closing this technology gap between the Federal Government and the private sector is key to saving taxpayer dollars and making government services faster, easier and more responsive.”

The array of cool news apps include the FBI’s Most Wanted, Alternative Fuel Locator, U.S. Postal Service Tools, UV Index, and even Product Recalls.

To browse the full assortment of apps from the store, click here.