USA Gives Mobile Marketing a Play

The USA Network (better known as the home of professional wrestling) has launched its first iPhone Application in the form of a mobile game – Letter Matrix.

For the average word game geek like myself, this game is enormously attractive. In each level of the game, the player “interacts with falling books containing a single letter on each spine.” The challenge is for the user to combine the individual letters to create words that are no fewer than three characters in length. As words are submitted and accepted, the books are put away and game-play continues through 20 increasingly complex and faster levels.

Letter Matrix is basically a spelling/word game that tests both a player’s speed and patience.

For now, the USA Network is offering a “light, single-level version” of the game for free download. The full version is available through the Apple iPhone store for $3.99.

According to the announcement, Letter Matrix is the first of several games USA will launch under its new “USA Network Games initiative.”

USA Network developed the game with GlowPlay, a division of Glow Interactive (