US Mobile Goes Big With Its Expanding Wireless Service

Today US Mobile announced that they will offer their customizable wireless plans, including unlimited plans, on America’s biggest LTE network.

To celebrate, they will serve up an “exclusive offer for iPhone X customers.” According to a provided media release, US Mobile wants to be the carrier of choice for all iPhone X users.

Ahmed Khattak, CEO and Founder: “The iPhone X is the most anticipated phone in a decade, and that’s why we are offering $200 back for anyone who brings their iPhone X to our new Super LTE network and we won’t ask you to trade in your existing device. We have the best network and plans for the new iPhone X and we want to prove it”, said Khattak.

Khattak continued: “The new Super LTE network is a fantastic addition to our GSM network as we have always strived to be able to serve any kind of user, no matter device, user habits or geographical location. By partnering with the two top networks in America – we can”.

Along with the new network, US Mobile is launching some unique unlimited data plans giving customers control of their data speed, and pay less if they don’t need “blazing fast data.”

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