Urban Airship’s Industry-first Platform Services Fine Tune Personalized, Interactive Notifications

homepage_message_centerUrban Airship has just debuted new, next-generation platform services — Open Channels and Open Profiles — designed to deliver individualized messaging to any platform, device, or marketing channel leveraging real-time customer data from any system.

The company currently sends more than one billion app notifications and collects 10 billion user attributes every day.

The impetus is clear: mobile is the dominant medium and continues to grow.

“As the mobile platform shift accelerates from smartphones to homes, cars and virtual environments, traditional customer communication methods are becoming irrelevant,” the company tells us. “With today’s announcement, Urban Airship extends its role as the global leader in mobile engagement, making it easy for developers and marketers to coordinate lightweight, action-oriented notifications integrated into any experience along the customer journey.”

Urban Airship’s Open Channels offers benefits to businesses. They no longer need to integrate their software with numerous messaging channels or build orchestration logic from scratch in order to reach customers with rich notification-style messaging on any platform or channel.

As for Urban Airship’s Open Profiles, this extends the company’s open mobile data strategy and further breaks down customer data silos, by collecting and processing real-time customer behavior, events, and attributes from any system or channel.

“Experts predict that the next 10 years will generate an order of magnitude more change than we have seen in the last 10 years,” explained Brett Caine, the CEO and president of Urban Airship.

“With this velocity of change, a closed marketing cloud simply can’t keep up with the pace of business and customer demands. We’re opening up our platform to address the growing complexity and expanding opportunity for businesses to individually interact with customers wherever they are. Customers will demand it, and our Mobile Growth Platform will help businesses achieve it,” Caine added.