Urban Airship: Retailers’ Apps Highlight Holiday Mobile Growth

urban-airshipJust how big will mobile be in the retail space this holiday shopping season? Bigger than ever before.

At least, that’s according to a new report from Urban Airship.

“As holiday shopping results are tallied from the Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday time period, early results show it was a banner year for mobile,” reads a provided report summary.

Per data cited by The National Retail Federation, more people shopped online than in stores for the second year in a row, and mobile drove the majority of visits to retail websites on Black Friday per Adobe.

Impact to offline sales is also massive with Deloitte finding digital influences 56 cents of every dollar spent in retail stores and mobile accounts for two-thirds of that $2.1 trillion impact.

To bring further “depth to the details,” Urban Airship released preliminary results of its fourth annual Cyber Week study on mobile app engagement using aggregate data from hundreds of retailers’ apps.

Analysis shows retailers promoted holiday deals earlier and at greater scale than years prior, significantly ramping up mobile app messaging two weeks in advance of the big holiday shopping weekend.

“Retailers sent 56 percent more holiday notifications in 2016 than 2015, and 2015 was a 63 percent increase over 2014 volumes,” Urban Airship tells us. “The big difference this year: retailers embraced targeting. Preliminary Android analysis found 88 percent of notifications were highly targeted to shoppers’ location, preferences and behaviors and only 12 percent of messages were broadcast to everyone. These highly targeted notifications saw engagement rates that were more than three times higher than broadcast messages.”

To learn more, check out Urban Airship’s full post on the findings here.