Urban Airship Launches Industry First Real-Time Mobile Data Streaming Service

Urban Airship Launches Industry First Real-Time Mobile Data Streaming ServiceUrban Airship, a leading mobile engagement platform, today introduced Urban Airship Connect, the industry’s first solution that unlocks the full potential of real-time mobile information for every part of a business.

“Urban Airship Connect makes it simple for digital marketers and data teams to select and stream granular mobile signals of customers’ interests, preferences, and intentions to any other business system, driving actions within marketing automation platforms, ad targeting solutions, business intelligence systems, customer databases and more,” the company tells us.

The launch is boosted by 10 partners with connections to more than 50 business systems. As a result, marketers and data analysts “can put mobile user-centric insights to work in minutes.”

While mobile app usage is pegged at five to 10 times higher than Web activity, the sheer volume of behavioral mobile data has been limited by existing approaches.

“With Urban Airship Connect, marketers and data analysts can easily zero in on the exact mobile insights necessary to drive automated and targeted actions in other systems,” notes the firm in its news release. “For example, businesses can instantly send a persuasive win-back email the moment a user uninstalls an app; notify a sales associate when a VIP customer is looking for answers in-store; present a can’t miss Facebook offer based on the product they just researched; feed mobile campaign and audience data to BI solutions for cross-channel attribution and to understand mobile’s ROI impact on the business; and more.”

Existing Urban Airship customers can simply “turn on” Urban Airship Connect, while new customers benefit from only needing a single SDK.

“Mobile is the most personal, permission-based experience brands can have with customers, and now they have a powerful solution to use real-time behavioral insights as powerful triggers for actions in any other system,” said Brett Caine, president and CEO at Urban Airship. “Today, we are moving the mobile industry forward with a commitment to an open omnichannel approach where data freedom empowers businesses to act with insight and benefit from prior investments in business systems.”