Upland Software’s Acquisition of Waterfall Underscores Growth Opportunities for Mobile Messaging

Don’t go chasing Waterfalls? Not if you’re Upland Software.

Late last week, Upland Software, Inc. — a powerhouse in cloud-based Enterprise Work Management software — announced its acquisition of Waterfall International Inc., a cloud-based mobile messaging offering.

In the announced deal worth $24.4 million, we were told that Waterfall will be combined with Upland’s Mobile Commons mobile messaging solution to create the industry’s “most powerful application-to-person mobile messaging platform.”

The combined products are now called Upland Mobile Messaging.

“Upland Mobile Messaging is now the industry leader in engaging prospects, customers, and communities with compelling mobile content at an enterprise scale,” said Jack McDonald, Chairman and CEO of Upland Software, in a media announcement heralding the acquisition.  “This combination provides Upland with an unparalleled feature-set that delivers value and deep services expertise to organizations in retail, consumer packaged goods, media and entertainment, healthcare, government, and advocacy.”

Across the mobile landscape, industry executives have reacted to the news with added optimism about the increasingly apparent and rapidly expanding number of opportunities in the mobile messaging space.

“The most interesting part of this acquisition is the fact that Upland Software is doubling down on their investment in mobile messaging,” says Derek Johnson, CEO and Founder of Tatango. “Upland’s acquisition of yet another mobile messaging provider, should be a signal to the market that not only is mobile messaging here to stay, but the growth opportunities for mobile messaging are huge!”

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