Unilever Sees Unprecedented Success With Mobile

Unilever, a large holding company of various brands, has committed to increasing its ad-spend on mobile campaigns following the unprecedented success of a particular campaign centered around its youth brand Peperami.

Unilever enlisted the help of creative agency AKQA Mobile to build a mobile-based site that allows its users to send prank calls to their friends, among other things.  The site has only been live since September 16th, and in its short life has seen over 24,000 unique visitors.  In the eyes of Unilever this represented a huge success, with it being a relatively new idea for the company.

In addition to users sending comedic prank calls using the site, wallpapers and ringtones are also available for download.  Since September 16th, there have already been some 7,000 ringtones and 3,500 wallpapers downloaded.

Since the success of the Peperami site, Unilever has committed to increasing its spending for mobile-based marketing campaigns for other brands under its control- especially those targeted to younger audiences like the Peperami brand.  Cheryl Calverley, marketing manager at Unilever, said mobile was vital for engaging with a target audience of 16-24-year-old men.

“If we can be in their social space then that’s the right place for these brands to be,” she said. “Any youth brand should have mobile as part of its mix, whether it’s a trainers brand or an FMCG.”

This falls in line with the recent survey promoted by O2 Mobile that brands will be increasing their ad-spend for mobile related marketing efforts in the near future.