Unilever Leverages New Programmatic Mobile Marketing Platform

Unilever Leverages New Programmatic Mobile Marketing PlatformBrandtone, an Irish mobile marketing company, has just lifted the veil on its new programmatic mobile marketing platform dubbed Konnect. And despite its introduction just last week, Konnect has already connected with a consumer goods giant, which will leverage the new platform for its marketing needs.

Unilever is the first to launch a mobile campaign with the resource in hopes of targeting mobile devices across India.

“We see Konnect as the marketing equivalent of the Bloomberg terminal–providing real-time insights and a way of managing campaigns as they happen,” Rahul Welde, vice president of media at Unilever, explains.

This revolutionary new tool means global brands… can now engage directly with mobile phone users in the world’s fastest growing markets. Through the platform, marketers have access to a vast permissioned database, allowing them to identify a target audience, create a relevant brand promotion offer and issue a call to action all from their laptop, or mobile device.

“The platform builds on the consumer database Brandtone has built through its work for global brands in the world’s ten fastest growing markets,” Brandtone says. “This database is unique because every consumer has explicitly given the permission to be contacted in the course of purchasing a product and profiling themselves. Every interaction benefits both the brand and the consumer, underpinned by meaningful value exchange.”

All told, Unilever seems to agree that with competition to attract consumers in fast growth markets increasing, mobile now offers the only universal way of engaging with them.