Understanding Immediacy in Mobile Marketing

Understanding Immediacy in Mobile MarketingToday’s consumers are becoming more and more present-centered, more than any other generation before them. They are very interested in immediate gratification, what is going to benefit them right now. So as a company looking to formulate a marketing strategy, it is important to keep in mind the pressing needs of today’s consumers.

Start with the prevalence of smartphones. With their decreasing price and increasing functionality, most people are latching on to the craze. It is not just a trend anymore. For many buyers, smartphones are a necessity. So as more work is being done on the cellphone and far less on the PC, you as a business owner need to be aware of how to best promote yourself in this emerging market.

The most important aspect of mobile marketing is a simple message presented in the right context. The key is personalization, making the consumer feel that using your service or buying your product will directly and immediately help their life.

The Concept of Immediacy

Consider if your advertisements are useful for your customers right now. Is there some action they can take immediately? Is there an interactive element? A great example of immediacy in marketing is the presentation of a deal that they can use in their current location, or at least close to it. 1-800-Flowers.com provides a great example for other online businesses. Their mobile advertisements market specifically the same-day delivery aspect of their service. This shows an understanding of mobile users’ frame of mind. 1-800-Flowers knows that ads shown on mobile devices should attract customers to their more “mobile” services.

Simple for a Small Screen

Choosing the right information for your mobile website and advertisements is extremely important. If either of them is difficult to navigate, the consumer will click away rather than stay and try to figure it out. Things to consider include lower bandwidth for 3G and 4G devices than traditional internet connections and the smaller screen size. One great advantage mobile devices have over PCs is built in GPS, which will allow users to get to the information they want much more quickly.

The Right Context

Because people carry their smartphones with them wherever they go, and marketers can more easily access the wealth of personal data stored on them, they are a veritable treasure trove when it comes personalizing advertisements. It is so much easier to access a user’s exact location, and marketers can use this information to create person-specific and location-specific advertisements. When advertisements are more individual, users are more likely to click on them because they feel the information is relevant to their lives at that moment.

If you’re unsure of how to get rolling on a mobile marketing campaign, consider specifically how you can implement the three ideas above with the information you want to convey to potential buyers. And consider securing the assistance of professionals that have experience and a proven track record working with mobile marketing.