Under The Radar: Business Apps Can Help Marketing Efforts

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During the session titled Business Apps, presenters offered straight-up business solutions. But these can help marketing efforts, even if they’re not marketing-specific. Rather than reaching audiences on their mobile phones, you can use your cell to reach them.

First, I want to point out that the best marketing strategies require that brands integrate into consumers’ lives as if they, too, are a fellow consumer. That means having campaigns that reach them the way consumers prefer to communicate, such as SMS and email, as well as more sociable platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.

MyBooo seems to get that–which makes moot some people’s concerns that their technology seems more consumer-friendly than business-savvy. Basically, it syncs to one’s PC, and offers more solutions than Blackberry and other current mobile-to-computer syncing providers, said CEO Cyril Attia. It’s especially valuable to people who use social networks as part of their overall marketing strategy–MyBooo allows them to easily update profiles on these networks from their mobile phones. The musicians and artists promoting themselves on MySpace would love this, since not all smartphones have this capability. Professionals on Facebook and LinkedIn would benefit, too.

We all know that presenting webinars on the subject of your expertise are a great way to generate leads. Sometimes, though, it’s not convenient to conduct these while in the office. PhoneTopp offers a solution–it lets you do Web conferences from your phone. When a meeting is about to happen, you’ll get a call on your mobile. Then you launch the PhoneTopp app and bingo, you’re in the meeting. So this is a great way to get people to come to your webinar–they can learn all about, say, SMS campaign basics while relaxing at home, on the beach, wherever. UPDATE: Though I didn’t see their presentations, it seems that iVisit, Iotum, and Vello also offer conferencing-via-mobile solutions, which I figure could be used for webinars and other promotional events too.

Meanwhile Soocial manages your address books on your phone; today CEO Stefan Fountain announced it now has support for Outlook, which he called “the worst” of digital address books. Good news for those using their address books as part of their email marketing process.

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