UK Government Spending A Fortune On Mobile Apps, Despite Spending Freeze

Mobile apps are a great way to reach and engage consumers from all walks of life, and the UK government seems to agree.  BBC News is reporting that the UK government has spent thousands of pounds on creating numerous iPhone apps.

The apps aren’t all government related either, some aim to make life easier for citizens- such as an app to help users quit smoking or change a tire, and even one that lets users search for jobs in the UK, Scotland and Wales.  While most of the development has been geared towards iPhones, Android versions are in the pipeline as well.

When hit with a Freedom of Information request, the government admitted that they’d spent between $15K and $61K to cover the cost of development for its various apps, not including the cost of some that the government wouldn’t reveal due to “security concerns.”  What’s interesting is that this comes at the same time the UK government issued a freeze on all spending for marketing and advertising- to include the development of all mobile apps as well.

A big reason behind the spending cutback is the fact that in total, the government had spent roughly $143M on Website development and upkeep for its 820+ Websites.  In addition, the government spends roughly £32 million on web staff.  While it’s one thing to have a tech-savvy government, the citizens of the UK have begun to question the motives.  Is it worth it?  Do you think it’s wasteful spending or simply an investment in the digital age?