UFC Takes a Swing at Athlete Marketing and Development Program

UFC Takes a Swing at Athlete Marketing and Development ProgramThe folks at UFC are trying to strong-arm their way into the marketing space with a move that is proving impressive to UFC fighters and fans alike.

This week, the UFC announced its Athlete Marketing and Development program.

The program is designed to “provide athletes with programs and tools to help them maximize their careers and succeed long-term, both inside and outside the Octagon.”

In coordination with key organizations such as the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), Fusionetics, and EXOS, UFC continues to be at the forefront of athlete development, making a significant investment into the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) and, most importantly, the athletes who step into the Octagon.

“Earlier this year, we vowed to take a leadership position on key areas impacting our sport, fighter health and fighter safety,” UFC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Lorenzo Fertitta said. “After months of hard work, and the addition of Jeff Novitzky, we have taken the opportunity to not only launch an elite anti-doping policy, but to invest, develop and deploy a year-round Athlete Marketing and Development program focused on the preparation, performance and education of our athletes.”

More information is expected soon from UFC.com.