U.S. Now Leads Ad Spending Per Capita

U.S. Now Leads Ad Spending Per CapitaIs it any surprise that consumers in the United States are the most heavily marketed to in the world?

According to a new report from Strategy Analytics, marketing is the U.S. continues to balloon at an unprecedented rate of speed.

Advertising spend in the U.S. totaled $181 billion in 2014, accounting for over a third of the global advertising market, the report summary shared with MMW reads.

This translates to an ad spend of $567 per person in 2014, according to the latest report from Strategy Analytics, Global Advertising Market Forecast Outlook. Australian’s were the second most marketed to population with an average ad spend per person of $486, followed by Norway with $472.

“To put this in perspective advertising spend per capita in the United States is 121 times larger than India and 16 times larger than China.” says analyst Leika Kawasaki. “China which has the second largest advertising market globally has the second lowest average spend per capita at $35 per person.”

All told, TV continues to account for the largest share of advertising dollars in the U.S. though digital is closing the gap, Strategy Analytics says in their news release publicizing the report’s key findings.