U.S. Justice Department Gives Approval to Apple on Nortel Patents Bid

On Monday, the U.S. Department of Justice formally approved Apple’s recent bid on a multitude of patents once belonging to Nortel.

Just last year Apple was joined by Microsoft, Research in Motion, and a number of prominent names in technology in a battle for a share of Nortel’s most eagerly sought-after intellectual properties.

In the end, the fight boiled down to a battle of the billions between Google and Apple for a hefty share of the 6,000 patents then held by the bankrupt Canadian telecommunications equipment maker.

It was Apple, however, and a small consortium of other companies that put forth the winning bid of $4.5 billion with Apple’s portion coming to a staggering $2.6 billion.

Despite the U.S. Department of Justice approving the auction results, the agency did warn that it won’t hesitate to “take enforcement action to ensure that essential patents – patents needed to ensure that devices sold by different companies are interoperable – were licensed fairly.”