U.S. Data Revenues Approach $20 Billion in Q2

The second fiscal quarter of 2012 was a big one for mobile data revenues in the United States.

Chetan Sharma Consulting revealed in a new report today that the US mobile data market grew 5% Q/Q and 19% Y/Y to reach $19.3B in Q2.

Data is now almost 42% of the US mobile industry service revenues. For the year 2012, the market is on track for mobile data revenues in the US market to reach our initial estimate of $80 billion.

The average U.S. smartphone user now sends an average of 696 messages every month.

“However, most operators are seeing decline in messaging revenue growth due to IP messaging,” Sharma reveals in summarizing the report. “As expected, this transition will continue around the world at different rates. In the U.S., while the change is underway, we don’t expect any dramatic declines like in the Philippines or the Netherlands in the near-term.”

“In 2012, we expect the mobile data growth to be around 80 percent,” the report concludes. “This has largely been driven by the introduction of data tiers, the use of Wi-Fi offload, more developer education, throttling in some instances, and some compression and offloading solutions.”

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