Txt-To-Go Serves Up Mobile Ordering

Reflecting the increasingly important role played by mobile technology in the food and service industry, Sundrop Systems has created and unveiled Txt-To-Go Mobile Ordering, a new (and free) service that enables restaurant patrons to place orders for pick-up with their chosen restaurants via text message.

Working as conveniently in practice as it does in theory, the service makes it possible for mobile users to text their food order to Txt-To-Go, which then “redelivers the order” to the selected restaurant. After the order is placed, the customer receives a confirmation number.

For expediency, you can even pre-register your favorites online with Txt-To-Go so that you can simply order the “usual” and still end up with what you wanted.

So how does it all work? According to the folks at Txt-To-Go:

1. Register on our site. You give us your mobile number, we send you a text. In the text, we ask you to respond with your email address so that we can send you a link to the last step. This process verifies you can send and receive texts from our service and validates your e-mail address. Pretty slick, huh?

2. Create your favorite. Once you’re registered, you create a personal favorite by telling us a little about the restaurant (like, where we should send the order) and what you’d like to order.

3. Text @FAVORITE to 70259. (Where FAVORITE is the name you created above!) We’ll look up your order, append anything extra to the order that you texted in, and then dispatch it to the restaurant. Now, isn’t that easy?

Apart from patron convenience, restaurant owners have much to gain from mobile services like Txt-To-Go, which allow merchants to “focus more attention on their in-house customers, rather than spending time constantly answering the phone to accept to-go orders, since all text orders are automatically sent to their store.”