Two-Way SMS Marketing Comes to Mexico

The mobile marketing tools and resources available throughout Mexico are growing more comprehensive with each passing year. To that end, U.S.-based Anchor Mobile is directing its attention south of the border as the company has begun offering true two-way SMS marketing in Mexico.

In the works since August 2011, two-way SMS marketing has now gone live on the last major carrier (MoviStar) in the market.

“Because of this,” the mobile marketing company announced Wednesday, “Anchor is now able to provide two-way SMS marketing and keyword marketing in Mexico on MoviStar, TelCel, and IusaCell. The deliverer is currently in negotiations with Nextel to add their connection as well.”

According to mobile marketing professionals, Mexico is becoming an increasingly important region for smartphone usage, with 20% of the Mexican population owning a smartphone today. 66% of these users now rely on their smartphone to connect to the internet regularly.

Two-Way SMS Marketing is a unique way to engage with customers and clients in which users can use their phones to text in a keyword to a business’ short code. The business can then send that user a response message and continue to engage them via SMS. Many businesses use this as a way of offering special promotions to their SMS users, and now businesses located in Mexico can have this marketing feature as well.

With Anchor Mobile’s new marketing possibilities, businesses in Mexico now can reach their customers via this burst in mobile use, the company says.