Two-Thirds of Google’s Mobile Search Traffic Comes From iOS Devices

While Google may be winning the battle in terms of getting the most devices out in the wild, it looks as though Apple’s iOS is still winning the war.

As part of the Senate Judiciary hearings today, former FTC official and new Google employee, Suzanne Michel, said that a full two-thirds of Google’s mobile search traffic comes from iOS devices, even though recent Android trends suggest otherwise.  She also detailed the fact that Microsoft, Yahoo and Google all bid to become the default search engine on future iOS devices — with Google obviously submitting the winning bid.

There’s long been theories that while Android is doing well, its users might primarily be using these devices as so-called “dumb phones.”  There was also data released today indicating that airport WiFi is mostly used by iOS devices as well.  A lot of this could be attributed to the extreme popularity of iPads, but it’s still food for thought.