Twitter's New Exchange Excites the Native Ad Community

Twitter's New Exchange Excites the Native Ad CommunityTwitter is ready to rock and roll in native advertising.

The social media company announced this week that its launching a mobile-focused native ad exchange through its recently acquired partner MoPub.

“Not only are native ads a significant improvement for publisher monetization in general, but users engage with these ad formats at a higher rate than the desktop-era banners and interstitials which are so prevalent in mobile apps today,” says Kevin Weil, an executive with Twitter. “Because of this, monetization through native ads can deliver a considerably better experience for users and also a better ROI for marketers.”

According to coverage from NativeMobile, MoPub is offering a complete solution for direct sold and exchange traded native ads, delivering extensive control and transparency to publishers.

“Taken together,” the Twitter-owned company explains, “the MoPub native ad solution gives you complete flexibility to build your native ads business without compromises.”

In the same report, Eric Feng, CTO of Flipboard, expressed his excitement for the new exchange.

“MoPub’s native ads solution lets us control the whole ad experience – from setting minimum price floors and prioritizing direct advertisers over house ads to blocking certain ad categories and limiting how often a user sees a creative,” Feng says. “We have a level of transparency into what our users see, and control over how and when they see it.”