Twitter’s Mobile Ads Surpass Desktop Ads in Revenue

In what can only be deemed a landmark achievement by all accounts, Twitter said today that its mobile ads have begun generating more revenue than the microblogging site’s desktop ads.

“We know that mobile is how people access Twitter, it’s where people are overall, and we know it’s where the business is,” Adam Bain, Twitter’s president of global revenue, tells The Wall Street Journal.

Incredibly, the microblogging giant confirms, mobile advertising is now responsible for the majority of Twitter revenue. Executives for the social network say that close to 60 percent of the platform’s 140 million monthly users access the service via mobile device.

Most interesting of all, however, is the sobering fact that mobile Twitter users are more likely to click an ad on their mobile device than they are when logged into Twitter on their desktop.

The format of ads on Twitter’s mobile and desktop sites are the same, and advertisers pay the same rate no matter the platform. On many mobile services including Google’s, ad rates are lower in part because advertiser demand is lower.

Twitter says “its mobile-advertising business is working because a company can easily convert any tweet into an ad.”