Twitter, Square Visionary Recounts His Entrepreneurial Roots

This Sunday on 60 Minutes, the visionary behind microblogging juggernaut Twitter and mobile payments giant Square opens up about his roots as the entrepreneur who delivered two of mobile and social’s hottest companies.

It might be hard to believe that emergency dispatchers in St. Louis were the inspiration for Twitter, but that’s exactly the case, Jack Dorsey told “60 Minutes” recently.

This weekend, Jack Dorsey tells his whole story and, in particular, how he was inspired to bring innovation to the budding fields of social media and mobile payments.

In a preview of the interview released by CBS, Dorsey is seen recalling how listening to radio calls between emergency dispatchers sparked his original interest in the idea of very short-form communications.

The network says that Sunday’s interview serves up Dorsey talking about growing up in St. Louis and his eventual move to San Francisco and “the creation of the 140-character medium that became Twitter.”

To check out the preview from CBS (courtesy of CNET), click here.