Twitter Purchases Upstart Social News Aggregator

Twitter’s appetite for upstarts continues to prove insatiable as the microblogging juggernaut has announced its acquisition of Summify.

If you’re unfamiliar, Summify is all about summarizing all the social news that matters to you.

In a nutshell, Summify aggregates social media updates and announcements within a user’s timeline. Summaries of all the big news can then be delivered via email, the web, or even mobile app.

“You’ve probably noticed we’ve been quiet lately,” the Summify team announced on its blog Thursday. “Well, we’re extremely excited to announce that Summify has been acquired by Twitter! I know, right? We can hardly believe it ourselves!”

“Roughly 2 years ago,” the post added, “we moved from Romania to Vancouver after being accepted into Bootup Labs, an awesome startup incubator. It has been an incredible journey, with lots of highs, a few lows, and many product iterations. In March 2011 we launched our email summary product and we’ve been blown away by the response ever since. Many of our users tell us we found a magical solution to a truly unsolved problem.”

“Our long-term vision at Summify has always been to connect people with the most relevant news for them, in the most time efficient manner. As hundreds of millions of people worldwide are signing up and consuming Twitter, we realized it’s the best platform to execute our vision at a truly global scale. Since Twitter shared this vision with us, joining the company made perfect sense.

With Twitter’s 100 million user base (half of which is engaged via mobile devices), the acquisition seems like a fitting and timely move for the microblogging king of the social media world.