Twitter #Music Boss Bails on New Effort

Well, that was fast.

AllThingsD broke the news Thursday that Kevin Thau — one of the architects of Twitter’s new #Music app project – has left the project in what seems like an abrupt and unexpected move.

Where’s he going?

Thau leaves Twitter to become chief operating officer of Jelly, the mystery startup created by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Just one week ago, Twitter #Music launched with fanfare in a live unveiling on “Good Morning America.”

The app, which helps users capitalize on social trends to discover new music, is off to a great start. That reality makes Thau’s departure that much more of a head-scratcher.

“It’s the third in a series of relatively recent Twitter employee departures for Stone’s new, yet-to-be fully explained startup,” Mike Isaac of AllThingsD reports. “Earlier in the year, Vítor Lourenço left Twitter, and is now acting as a consultant to the Jelly team; earlier this week, Stone himself introduced former Twitter employee Ben Finkel as Jelly’s new CTO.”