Twitter Mobile Advertising Revolution Begins

Twitter is aggressively expanding its nascent advertising program for Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android devices. The goal? To make the most of the enormous revenue potential latent in Twitter’s young mobile user base.

Twitter says it will now push its paying customers’ “promoted tweets” and “promoted accounts”to the timelines of Twitter’s mobile applications.

Previously, “promoted trends” and “promoted tweets” were only visible on a search page when users accessed Twitter on the iPhone or Android device.

For Twitter, the move could be significant, as roughly 55 percent of Twitter’s total user base (100 million monthly active users) now tap into the service on one or more mobile devices.

“We’ve had a simple philosophy since we first launched ads on Twitter, and it’s this: We strive to create products that put users first, and continue to enrich your Twitter experience,” Twitter says on its official blog Tuesday. “Today’s news represents another important step in our advertising efforts, and we hope you like it.”

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