Twitter Hints at Video Coming Soon

If Twitter is to reach the “next level,” video will have to play a bigger role in the microblogging platform. At least that’s the thinking of Twitter’s top executives.

Last fall, some will recall, Twitter acquired Vine, makers of an upstart video-sharing app. Since that time, few words have been uttered about Twitter’s supposed future plans for video.

That all changed today, however, as Twitter CEO Dick Costolo released a most interesting tweet – one that contained video, a clip that auto-plays and loops.

So is this the future of video on Twitter?

“According to sources familiar with the service,” reports the Financial Review, “Vine will offer six-second videos that can be integrated with tweets.”

When asked if the video service could be launched in Australia this week, Twitter editorial director Karen Wickre said “you’re talking about Vine … but no I don’t think [it’s being launched] quite yet.

For now, Twitter isn’t saying much else in an official capacity. But it looks like something big is on the horizon and coming soon.