Twitter, Facebook Safe From T-Mobile SMS Price Hike, Aggregators/Service Providers Not

We’ve heard a lot from service providers and others affected by T-Mobile’s SMS price increase, but we haven’t heard much from T-Mobile itself.

It was reported today that T-Mobile has issued slight clarification to its actions, saying “the move affects only the messaging aggregators that serve as a kind of middleman between businesses and carriers.”  What this means is that the price increase doesn’t affect those with direct connections to T-Mobile, including companies like Twitter and Facebook.

Still, numerous mobile content and service providers don’t maintain direct connections, instead going through aggregators, meaning the price hike still very much affects companies fitting this category — including ChaCha, 4INFO, mobileStorm and many others.

T-Mobile also said that labeling the move “simply as a price increase” isn’t entirely accurate, because the change is part of a restructured agreement with aggregators.  We’ve reached out for further comment from T-Mobile, stay tuned.