Twitter Exec: Seize the Moment with Digital Marketing

Twitter Exec Seize the Moment with Digital MarketingAdam Bain, the CFO of Twitter, recently said that marketing is “all about owning the moment.”

While Bain was discussing the viability of Twitter as a marketing platform, this quote applies most fittingly to mobile marketing.

This idea of “marketing in the moment” has finally found its footing in the marketing industry, as smartphones and other mobile devices become more popular and ubiquitous. Take, for example, one of the updated capabilities in Apple’s iOS 7. Apple has given users the ability to sort their photos not just into years or collection, but also into moments. Instead of running together, the photos can be grouped into specific moments of time.

Mobile is especially good at grasping this concept of moments, as they are inherent in this platform. The smartphone is now integrated into our lives, and we use it to capture the moments [that matter] of our lives.

Some brands have begun to make the mistake of assuming that the smaller screen of mobile devices simply means a smaller advertisement, when they should know that a smaller screen means that advertisements need more personality and personalization.

Mobile devices should now be thought of as a way to communicate with customers on an extremely personal level, and this is how they should be used for each and every marketing effort.